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Totally Super Swagged Out Awesomeness. An immediate response to a moment of greatness. 'That's Bitches' signifies a moment or feeling of happiness that a person experiences; from something they have seen, heard, or done letting others know it's super cool. (Not just normal cool)

Not to be confused with the phrase "That Bitch"

(Not to be used by haters)
Little Timmy says " I just had a peppermint hot chocolate from Mc Some Burger Company and hated it. I was so mad I threw the money at the clerk and still drank the hot chocolate."

Whoever listens responds " That's Bitches right there. That's Fucking Bitches right there."
by Process of BFG November 30, 2011
A phrase that is used to describe a situation that is unfair.
Guy 1: I call shotgun

Guy 2: Too bad you don't get it

Guy 1: Bullshit I called it

Guy 2: Tough shit

Guy 1: That's Bitch
by mcvarial December 21, 2011
this phrase means thats cool. much like thats ballin or thats balla or thats bomb. this phrase came from haymarket, virginia.
guy 1: dude! i went to a party and got laid for the first time!

guy 2: yeah? thats awesome bro

guy 1: i also got baked

guy 2: haha thats bitch. sounds like you had fun.
by Cam1191992 April 12, 2008
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