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Where a behemoth-like lady/midget (could be a midget they aren't something we types call "very well heightened-off-the-ground". And in due to such circumstances, these ladies legs turn from fat uhh fater. So-so-too many hungry man's.
It's where some most likely depressed 50 yr old gives up and gets so fat where the fat ass thigh merges with the fat ass.
Thigh/Ass = fat thighs merging together with the fat ass.
Looks like zeus mixed with the kragon from clash of the titans.
Hi, Wal-Mart can I get a job as a greeter? Thanks
"Wow, ever heard of the stair master or even walking, this isn't what's eating gilbert grape day? - although I do know that u cant wear white after labor day sooo donkey punch much? "I see the thigh...wheres the ass?" "Oh honey, that's a thigh-ass" "Oh, a Thass?" "Yeah shut the fuck up and make me some michelinas macceroni and cheese. And microwave it this time you fuckin scum." "And is that a FUPA?" "Oh hun, we'll save that conversation for another time."
by CSI Los Angeles:W/ChrisOD&LLCJ April 18, 2010
4 6
thass; the area in which your ass and thigh join as one. there should be definition between the two, a thigh... then your ass, creating a "shelf" if you will. but when you start to gain weight you loose that definition, thus creating the infamous thass.
*cousin to the kankle
"Look at the thass on that!"
30 14
Thass; the thigh / ass crease or more importantly the lack there of.
Her ass has become one with her thigh , where there was once once a seperation there is no more.
by Jesse February 20, 2005
24 10
similar to cankles, but pertaining to the "ass" combining with the "thighs".
Man, what's with her thass? I can't tell where her thighs stop and her ass starts!!!
by Nateus April 16, 2010
5 0
where ones ass and thigh look like its merged together
Look at the thass on him, he shouldn't wear football pants.
by ilovemanning10 September 10, 2008
4 0
That small area on either a male or females body,that is right between one's ass and one's upper thigh,could be the crease or just that area that on some people just blends together.
Oh that hurts, a spider just crawled up my leg and bit me on the thass!
by 4you May 07, 2009
2 0
A mammoth, massive ass that spills wide and heavy onto the back of the thighs.
Lamont: Yo' Mell, look at the ass on that stallion! Unh....its so damn big, I can't believe it (stares in atonishment)!

Mell: That ain't no stallion! That's Schwalla. Her swoll thass makes her waddle when she walk.

(both laughs out loud; grab/rubs nuts)
by SeanBC214 October 11, 2011
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