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The prettiest, smartest, most loved girl in school. Everyone is crazy about Thara, even the guy at the Golden Skate, Manuel. And Eric, the guy with the mustache. People come flocking to her when they see her on the streets and they can't help themselves, while Tham is sitting there like a nerd alone.
"Oh baby theres Thara I can't help myself I NEED HER"
by sams face April 01, 2005
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Thara is generally a middle eastern name. Beautiful dark features and to die for hair. Thara is loved by all boys except she rejects easily. Thara is not interested in stupid relationships. Thara likes gum and to eat food. She's funny beyond belief and is very likable. She smells bad though which might be a problem. She has nice fingers and eyes.
OH WOW did you see Thara? She is too cool for school dude
by Thatone December 10, 2012
Thara...the nerdiest girl in school. People like breaking her thong. Teachers with the name "KONOPACKY" hate her. She likes sending chinese music to her friend named "THAM" or "Sam Stevens". She also likes making dog faces with her hand on the screen at movie theatres. SHE IS OBSESSED WITH NAPOLEON DYNAMITE.
say that to anybody and they'll be insulted. (unless they wanna be a nerd)

ALSO LOOK UP: saraH, THARA, THAM, the hot one, nerd, Sam Stevens.
by Tham December 13, 2004

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