It has went very far from it's traditional meaning. Thanksgiving is supposedly a holiday to give thanks, but you are not giving thanks at all. Nowdays it is a holiday is where you go see some obligatory in law or relative and stuff yourself with turkey, watch Detroit play football, zonk out, and stuff your gut with some more turkey after that. The women have to do all the cooking, dishes, etc. while the men just gorge on the food. But the women get revenge the next day...Black Friday shopping!
Typical guy on thanksgiving: Ah, turkey was good...lets watch Detroit beat the Bears...ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ
by Orbitron2012 November 01, 2012
sitting around in a room full of your family and being completely incapable of going shopping because all the stores are closed..and then not eating until about 10pm because something went wrong when they were cooking the turkey
by smil3xitsxM3GAN November 25, 2009
The best feast and poop of the year.
Finally, Thanksgiving! I'll eat turkey and then I'll take a ride on the S.S. Diarhea!
by sweetasslil November 23, 2006
The day Americans celebrate the conquering of the native people of North America.
Have a happy Thanksgiving you CRACKA asses!
by Sitting Bull November 26, 2003
Some holiday celebrated by Americans that the rest of the world has to suffer through, mostly through the online community.
American: I'm so fat from Thanksgiving
Rest of the world: STFU about Thanksgiving. Noone else celebrates it except you
by rahrah1989 November 29, 2011
a command you use to tell someone to get their feet off the chair they're sitting on. This verb originated in Philadelphia. What was originally said that when person A is sitting on person B's chair with their leg on it, person B says to person A, "I want to come to your house for Thanksgiving this year and put my feet on your chair," implying that person A should put their feet on the floor. Eventually, it just turned into "thanksgiving."
by Greggy123 April 04, 2011
Canadian holiday on the second Monday in October
Canadian Thanksgiving used to be held on the same day as American Thanksgiving, but by late November Canadians aren't feeling very thankful.
by Poutinator December 16, 2003
Thanksgiving is a holiday that is celebrated in the United States. It is a feast day, where people characteristically eat the Turkey a bird which gives it the nickname "Turkey day".
Like many holidays in America it has been secularized. The typical portrait of the holiday is the typical American family stuffing themselvs at the table while watching Football(American Football) and the Rose Parade(A parade held in Pasadena California before the aforementioned football game).
The holiday can be controversial, many people say that this holiday celebrates the massacre of the Indigenous people of the United States that is not true. The holiday commemorates the Pilgrims, religious exiles from Europe, giving thanks to for their survival of the harsh climate of the American continent.
We give thanksgiving to god today for our survival.

Oh boy! its thanksgiving now we can all stuff ourselves.
by robotcity April 26, 2006

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