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An internet meme which typically consists of a still image or animated .gif depicting an undesirable scenario that is obviously unrelated to Barack Obama and includes the caption, "Thanks, Obama!".
Person 1: I'm trying to think of a funny caption for this photo of the band 311 gang-raping a baby deer.

Person 2: How about 'Thanks, Obama!'?

Person 1: That shit's getting played out.
by hecktor dangus June 02, 2013
A generic complaint about anything bad, ever.
Originally used to actually attribute things to President Obama, "Thanks, Obama" was used to complain about problems increasingly unlikely to be the fault of the President, and can now be used as a complaint about anything.
The economy is in the toilet? Thanks, Obama!
Millions have died in the Middle East? Thanks, Obama!
I was fired from my job? Thanks, Obama!
Aliens are invading the Earth? Thanks, Obama!
Everything will ultimately be destroyed in the heat death of the universe? Thanks, Obama!
by MTstr June 03, 2013

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