Th·ankle (noun)

This is when a fat persons ankles have gone past a "kankle" and now their ankle has become the same diameter as of their thigh.
Damn, Gina has gotten so fat look at those thankles!

I was fuckin this girl with her legs in the air when i realized that she was so fat she had thankles!

Im a cubby chaser and can deal with a kankle but not a thankle
by Blaze818 August 20, 2009
Thankles are when you are massively fat and you surpass cankles ( when your so fat you cant see where there ankle fat begins and the calf fat ends) making it impossible to see where your thigh fat ends and your ankle fat begins.
You are so fat you have thankles.
by Jrod123123 April 26, 2008
1: For when the thigh extends to the foot, without the slightest of tapering.
2: A more severe case of Cankles.
Bobby: " Dude, did you see those girls? They were hot! I'd hit that!"
Fuzz: "Nah man. Did you see the girl in the middle? That girl had thankles!!!"
Group: "Thankles?"
by insyne September 04, 2010
A combination of the words "thigh" and "ankle". A variation of cankles, thankles are the non-definite ending of the thigh and beginning of the ankle. Most common in fat guinea pigs.
He is so fat and orange, he has like a triple chin. He has thankles.
by Lesserbee February 15, 2011

It *isn't* as thick as the "CANKLE", but it's not a skinny ankle. When you have thankles, you still have ankle-like definition unlike cankles when your calves run straight into your foot and you do NOT have an ankle or any ankle-like definition.

In order of skinniness, you have ankles, thankles, cankles
"Look at those girls thick ass ankles!"
"DAMN! Those be some thankles!"
by S+S & M Productions July 10, 2008
When the leg is depreciated by the size of a woman's theigh and so swollen by the fatness of an ankle.
HOLY CRAP!! Since you've been pregnant, you've accumulated thankles!
by Misss_Missy November 29, 2014
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