When an extremely obese person's thigh fat is so out of hand that it appears to engulf the knee, bypass the shin and calf and ends up stopping at the ankles. Combination of "thigh" and "ankles".
Brett: Hey, Did you see that woman standing in the buffet line?

Gabe: Hell yeah, how could I miss her. She's rocking some mean thankles.
by Gabriel D Sanchez May 21, 2009
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No separation between the thigh and the ankle.Ususally seen in very chunkdified women.
She had thankles like an elephant.
by bt March 03, 2003
An exaggeration of 'cankle'. Whereas 'cankle' is a contraction of 'calf-ankle', 'thankle' is 'thigh-ankle'. Indicates that there isn't just no discernable ankle, but no knee either.
Speaker 1. Sally has such cankles.
Speaker 2. No, they're not just cankles, they're THANKLES!
by Aoife303 November 12, 2006
when the fat of the thigh overlays the calf and the ankle. There's variation in the leg.(Thigh-Ankle)
you walk into bar and meet a pretty face. Ya go home with this chick, and slide your hand over her whole leg, noticing no variation. You immediately turn blue in the face and your brain shuts down as a self-defense mechanism. This phenomenon is noted not only by the pre-existence of a cankle, but the thigh is consistent as well, exhibiting no definition whatsoever. The knee usually appears lumpy or hidden too, she has a Thankle
by Tim October 29, 2002
when the size of the thigh extends down to the ankles. taken from the eanglish words thigh + ankle
just picture the fattest person that comes to mind and look down. you know exactly what i mean. THANKLES
by limbmaker December 24, 2006
When the area in a females leg where the calf meets the foot passes the point of being a cankle and resembles the thigh and becomes a Thankle.
by Squirrel Hunter No1 April 30, 2010
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