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An amazing, handsome guy who is always the life of the party and always puts a smile on your face.
He can be the biggest flirt and player at times.
He loves to dance, sing and party.
he is very romantic and intelligent any girl who gets him is the luckiest girl on earth.
I just met up with Thanasi.
by Cooliosnesslol October 16, 2011
A man of Greek origin. May own small islands in the Aegean and welcome visitors with exuberant declarations of 'Welcome to my island'. Thanasis is generous, fun-loving, romantic, sexy, a great lover and a true and loyal friend. Thanasis will lend you anything and try to procure anything you want that he doesn't have. Often quite hairy. Likes to party hard, love well and uses the word brave to mean big. A Thansis is a wonderful human being.
Girl 1: I met this awesome guy in Greece
Girl 2: Did he own the island?
Girl 1: Funnily enough he did!
Girl 2: He must have been Thanasis then!
by Achanaich August 21, 2011
The word used to describe someone who is the utmost legend.
by Mouginos August 24, 2003
a person who always think about make love with animals , any animals especially big animals. he will be more happy if he has gang bang with animals.
person1 : hey look at that guy !!! why he s looking a dog like he wants to make love with it ?
person2 : bcos he s a thanasis
by lost in thanasis February 05, 2010
a person who smokes and drinks to excess, ultimately leading to his or her demise.
Wow, Jimmy is such a thanasis, he will die at a young age.
by big nose buddy June 24, 2008
one who dislikes the third of anything.
Steve is being a real thanasis. He hated Kanye's new album but loved his first two.

Mike hated the movie D3, but loved D1 and D2.
by #bryannehog April 26, 2011
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