A person with a background from Thailand. A Thai person has big eyes for an Asian, proud of their country, intelligent, and loves spicy food. Their parents are usually strict, but a Thai person is usually raised to respect their elders and everyone around them. Thai people make good friends and are incredibly sweet.
I went to Thailand the other day, all the Thai people were so friendly! They make good food, too! I love Tom-Yum!
by ShunLaukKoon. February 16, 2012
Top Definition
an extremely cool girl who is the epitome of awesomeness.
Dude, the skies were gray and my day sucked. Then Thais came by and suddenly it was like I had a reason to live again!
by askmo February 03, 2010
Thais' are just flat out cool! They can be your best friend or your worst enemy. She is incredibly smart, attractive and funny....just know that when she stares at you...she either thinks you're cute or amazed by your stupidity since you opened your mouth.
by januaryjones February 03, 2010
A native or inhabitant of Thailand.
I knocked the bottom out of that thai chick.
by Will Greenhalgh June 10, 2003
Thais' are one of the most beautiful girls, but makes it very hard for you to love them. Always finding the good in a horrible situation, out spoken, strong, intelligent, refuse to settle for less, honest,
forgetful, learns to trust nobody, unforgettable, heart breaker, confused, can be your best friend or worst enemy. Has a beautiful smile, knows better then what her actions are at times. Just might end up famous. Could have anyone she desires but chooses to let God handle it, hard to bring down, and almost impossible to heart break.
-i just saw the most beautiful girl ever

-really ? did you get her name ?

-yeah, it's thais.
by jessica kats August 25, 2010
pretty,crazy,loud,dont care what people say about her,nice smile,cheers anyone up,an amazing friend,scared to get her heart broken because of past relationships,nice lips,can be your worst enemie if she doesnt like you or can be your bestfriend if you get along with her,easy for people to love,up for anything,bossy,leader, good kisser,stands up for herself and her friends,wont change herself for noone.
lets hang out with thais she is funny and amazing to be with
by exboyfriend122 November 11, 2011
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