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Westerners who are addicted to being in Thailand. The entire focus of their life revolves around all things Thai, and they do everything they can to avoid going back to their native country, due to miserable memories of failure. In Thailand they feel like somebody for the first time in their life. They get noticed, can afford things that the locals can't so feel successful, and can get a girlfriend who weighs less than they do for the first time ever. Losers instantly become winners.

Thaiophiles usually feel smug about being able to live in Thailand, as if it is a prideworthy achievement that all westerners but only a few clever and lucky individuals can achieve. They are convinced that westerners back in the west are highly envious. If they spend more than a week away from Thailand, they begin to suffer from withdrawal symptoms.
Look at that poor Thaiophile. He is been in Thailand way too long for his own good but is too addicted to even contemplate leaving.
by DJ Pat March 10, 2010
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A person who makes a success of living in Thailand, enjoys the country and doesn't feel the need to continuously bleat about others on Thai related forums before deciding to become a dole bludger in his father's country of birth.
Why is it that thaiophiles are so careful to protect their self-esteem from a bit of rocking? I see it as endemic, and did when I lived there.

I must make it clear, it isn't Thailand I am bored with, in fact every new day is an adventure
by cd twat's dad March 29, 2013
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