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Past Tense The act of texting that causes to turn away from the original focus of attention or interest.
I got off the elevator on the wrong floor because I was textracted.

Officer: Do you realize how fast you were driving?

He/She: I am very sorry, Officer. I was textracted!
by Paradiselost February 26, 2009
(adj.): When a person either (1) takes a ridiculously long time to respond to a text message due to other distractions or (2) ignores his or her surroundings because he/she is too focused on texting. These seemingly conflicting meanings can never occur simultaneously.
Ex 1)
You: Hey!
Sheila: Hey, dude.
You: I love you!
You: Hello?
(5 hours later) Sheila: Oops! Sorry! I love you, too...I was just textracted.

Ex 2)
You: (watching TV) Awesome! Steve, you have to see this.
(Steve, sitting right next to you, doesn't respond; he's too busy texting)
You: Steve?
You: Steve!
Steve: Oh, what? Sorry, I was just textracted.
by ll Jet ll February 25, 2011
When feeling that urge to text someone while also walking or driving or somewhere that takes your concentration away for being 'textracted'.... (of course please do not text and drive)
Walking for the bus, Angy grabbed her phone to text someone.

Text: "on my...........fuck, I just tripped over the pavement. On my way"
Still being 'textracted' Angy quickens her pace and starts to slowly run for the bus that she see from the corner of her eye has arrived at the bus stop.
Text: "Gettin on bus...........shit, coat is caught in the buses door.......on bus now"
by Long Johns January 01, 2014
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