A bastardization of tech-sex, having sex over any form of technology (phone sex, skype sex, etc)
Joey: Hell yeah got that bitch sending me nudes n shit

Bill: Hell yeah dude! Have some tex-sex!
by TomCoughlinsCousin April 12, 2014
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Like phone sex, only on text messaging.

My boyfriend and I found a new way to spice up our sex life. Now when we're in office, we texsex.
by Chiaroscuro11 March 02, 2009
Similar to having phone sex; but instead of talking hot dirty sex to your significant other you actually are “texting” steamy hot dirt talk to your significant other
... Jane have you ever tried tex-sex with Jerry? Mike and I tex-sex for the first time last night-we really got into it!
by hot4sex July 03, 2009
Having sex with a person from Texas. This word is particularly used for an attractive female considering there are a lot of them in Texas.
Guy 1: Dude I'm going to Texas

Guy 2: Make sure to have lots of Tex-Sex!!
by trotrot0394854 July 07, 2009

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