The greatest state there is, period. A great state that george bush has made the country and the world hate. Alot of people come on this website and talk shit about texas because of that george bush faggot. And as for the dumbass that said that hitler would have liked Texas he can kiss my ass. If that person (that probably watches mtv and has never been anywhere outside his home state) said that in Texas he would get his smart ass beaten repeatedly and mercilessly. Look beyond the blundering mistakes of george w and find the real texas.
That pansyfuck called texans ignorant so we beat his pompous ass and he was our BITCH!
by your mom February 27, 2005
The Greatest State and place to be in The U.S.of motherfuckin A.
The State you dont wanna fuck around in or you will be cut, stabbed, and/or shot.Don't talk shit about us or you will be beaten with the intention of death and/or serious injury. WE dont fuck our relatives only alabama folks do that like ruben stutter And leonard Skinnerd. Um seriously East Dallas we will cut the hell outta you.WE really dont like Bush fuck him. I Don't give a fuck. I will cut you if you talk shit. Texas is really a great place to be especially if your looking forward to getting shot growing up by running your mouth or fucking a drug dealers wife, steer clear of that though and your safe as a motherfuck in a motherfucking contest. But seriusly though be cool my name is Curtis I do stab cut and beat people with the intention of death and/or serious injury. And for all you motherfucks out there most of us have full sets of teeth and the vast majority dont live in trailors but there are some down ass whiteboys who do live in trailors next to cemetaries name Grove Hill.

Texas is the home of the players and pimps
Beating niggers asses in the great state of Texas
Texas Born and i was dallas raised
Texas motherfuckers thats were i stay

Californian: Hi Im A Queer from calfornia I love penis like the vast majority of other californians with the exception of snoop, Eazy E and various other real ass niggers

Texan:Well Woopty Fuck I'm from Texas, I am going to cut you now with the intention of death and/or serious injury because i have 32 teethand it seems that one of yours has been blown out from various cocksmoking.

Californian: wait! wait! wait! let's work this out. . . I'll suck your penis which just so happens to be big cuz its from Texas.
by CurtisLizandroValdivia January 07, 2006
The largest collection of ignorant racists of the face of the earth.
Hitler would have liked Texas.
by bleh January 21, 2005
1. As urban slang, it's used mostly to describe someone who brags about stuff that doesn't quite deserve to be bragged about.

2. A state in the south that has a rivalry with Oklahoma. If you ask me, they're both pretty shitty states.
1. Dude, Max is so Texas. He's bragging about his redneck NASCAR visor.

2. "How do you get to school, Cletus?"
"I ride my cow."
"Pff...I bet people in Oklahoma don't even know how to ride cows."
by Mike Bonano December 22, 2004
The most ignorant state in the entire country...full of hard-headed fucktards who think their pathetic state is the best thing since sliced bread...Yeah, no one gives a shit that you all were once your own republic (your state sucked back then too) please, by all means, if you all think you can do better alone, then do us all a favor and secede to become your own country again and see how long you all last you dumbasses...
Texas is also the only state to ever lose to the Mexican army...TWICE. And no, there were no heroes at the Alamo no matter what your ignorant 5th grade teacher or Hollywood told you...they were all killed in their sleep (may they rest in peace)...And if you don't believe it, look in a real unbiased history book...
Half the state is a barren wasteland that should be used to test nuclear bombs and the other half is full of uneducated hicks with an unhealthy amount of pride about NOTHING (really, how is Texas better?...that's right, it's not, it's just another state)... And not just regular hicks, but FAT hicks- five Texas cities cracked the "10 Fattest Cities in America" according to Men's Fitness.
Texas couldn't even come up with an original flag (they stole it from Chile). Face it, the US would be better off without this ignorant state and the ignorant, self-absorbed bastards that live there...
So in short, are a big bag of gay...
An intelligent man once said..."There are only two things that come from Texas: steers and queers." And none of you all look like cattle to me (except those fat hicks in the back over there)...Texas, do us all a favor: Shut up about your faggot state, it's not that great.
Texas=just another state
by USAF Pilot November 07, 2005
Land of hicks, where interfamily marriage is encouraged.
Did you see Aunt Ruth, damn she's lookin' hot today!
by chknrustrchustr November 13, 2004
The Worst state in america home to fat ass redneck fucks who marry their sisters.
"oh your racist you must be from texas"
"your darn tootin"
by applecider6693333333333333333 February 20, 2015

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