Americas black eye, or, embarrassment. Widely known as the state where a village idiot can become governor, then president; where xenophobia is rampant, it is illegal to buy a sex toy, gay people are encouraged not to exist, protestant zealots run wild (also called 'value voters'), and where social stigmas and informal sanctions oppress people.
Wouldn't it be great if we could get Texas to secede from the union for a second time?
by mikieprash January 11, 2007
The place in the world where everything's bigger.
I moved to Texas and my penis got bigger.
by Ready-Liver November 07, 2009
A very large state, indeed.
-Ask any child under eight there to draw the world and you will see them carefully outline the shape of texas.
-Home to the #1 and #2 most overweight cities in America, statistically of course. sounds good.
-In 2004, half of all death penalties in the U.S were sentenced in Texas. Are texas criminals somehow worse than that of all other U.S. states
-Just because the people of Texas are mainly responsible for George Bush's rise to the presidency, doesn't mean they are all like he is. However, Texas is a portion of the "Bible Belt" and is therefore overwhelmed by very conservative, religious, ignorant and change-averse people.
-Minorities, Liberals, and above all, Homosexuals beware of Texas.
-The majority of ALL U.S. hate-crimes are committed here.
-This does not apply to every person in Texas. However, take a moment and check out the posts made by its very own residents. I'd say it's applicable to most of them, as well as many people you meet from Texas.
-Texas truly deserves to be it's own country.
-Wait for the ignorant, bad-grammar, homophobic, lengthy, vulgar responses to this post-variations of the word "FAGGOT" are likely to be used. Watch how quickly and blindly these people stand up and fight for a their home state, with no factual evidence or support. Soon, some will recognize the validity of this definition.
by sammy341 April 16, 2006
my home sweet home its some fine ass niggaz hurr im from dat h-town fuck oklahama texas is crunk
sandy cheeks is texas tough
howdy yall im from texas wanna help me pick some cotton?
by texas gal April 06, 2004
Mexicans still have Texas. We've been here since before Whitey wetbacked it across the Atlantic. Deal, bitchezz.
-Wow, some of these white guys have their heads up their asses.
by -fearofabrownplanet- January 20, 2005
A whole lot of nothing.

A bunch of blowhard, racist, sexist, homophobic cowboys who love to fuck each other almost as much as they like to fuck their cattle, and sisters.

Full of black gangsters who are just angry because mexicans are taking over and kicking the fuck out of them.

Full of lard assed fat animals who would make the phantom of the opera cringe in disgust
Black Texan: Don't mess with me, i'm from Texas! (Pulls out a knife)
Mexican: Shut up, negrito! (Pulls out an AK-47)

White Texan: Golly gee, billy bob! Can I go out wit yer sister?
Billy bob: Sorry, I got her pregnant, she has to stay indoors.

by Coolon July 04, 2006
The state of hicks! Sure there are some people that aren't, but they are vastly outnumbered.
Texas. If I could end this example there I would.
by Adrian September 28, 2006

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