George's characteristics of not being able to comprehend the pronunciation of certain words or names, being a woefully bad speaker in general, making the rich get richer, and not knowing shit about politics in no way reflects upon the personality or ingenuity of texas. (By the way, other nations would be laughing at us if we couldn't nuke 'em. Don't know about you, but I'M embarrassed.)
George Bush was born in Connecticut not texas!!! We act just like people from colorado or louisiana!!! We are generally good natured and friendly towards ALL!!!
by nolimitsoldier February 20, 2006
You dubious sons'a'bitches. The Republic of Texas was a country, it would the ONLY country to join with the United States but it did join.

This is no way associated with the current "republic of Texas" movement that says it STILL IS a country. I wish...

Overall it is like any other state except the ups (like no state tax, hot chica's and mucho chili) far outweigh the downs (like people THINKING they know about us because of George Bush or that we are like other southern states, and everyone taking all the bad things about oklahoma and pinning it on Texas, and by the way oklahoma need not be capitalized.)

You want to know what Texas is like? Gitcha ass off the computer and come to Dallas...
Oh wow, I am a dubious son of a bitch and I like totally thought Texas was like oklahoma or something until I went to Dallas...
by TX126 August 05, 2004
State connected to mexico in the United States.
Only steers and queers come from texas. I don't see any horns on you so you must be a queer boy!
by the_anonymous_one_rules August 03, 2010
Texas is the biggest and baddest state of them all.

Yes we say ya'll but we don't all have cowboy hats and ride horses around. You fuck with us and your getting your ass kicked.

We've got hot chicks, south padre island, austin!!!, and plenty of beach. The coolest people you'll meet, plus we've got some authentic ass good mexican food.

Plus Houston pumps out some of the best rappers and chopped and screwed cd's. =)

We're diverse and let just about anyone in our state, plus we don't have those stuck up yanks to deal with down here.
Yankee: Oh your from Texas? Say ya'll for me!!

Texan: Well hey there how ya'll doin? Keep talking shit and we'll fuck you up.
by texanbrunette September 03, 2009
actually, the state flies its flag at the same height every other state flies their flag in regads to Ol Glory. Its socially acceptable to place it marching right of the American flag. (to the left of American flag to the general public)
Look around next time.
by Get the facts right June 22, 2005
Many states have there own names, Texasburger is just another way to say a big burger. We have many others just like this, for example Texas Toast. It isn't stupid, and I bet that if whoever said that only had a Texasburger infront of them would eat that burger. Many people in their right mind would eat those burgers and do, plus others. And other State products.
by bubbles6516 February 25, 2004
(Verb) To communicate (repeatedly) via SMS text messaging on a cellular phone or other mobile device.
So he texas me back, "Hay stay where u r. We comin over." And I was like, "Wat?" OMG there were like 40 cars in front my house!
by bitchywitch March 23, 2010

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