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All them mofuckers say that texas is redneck and shit... fuck yall, yall dont no wat texas is like.we dont run round in dem cowboy boots. if u want rednecks go to louisiana or somewhere else cuz we aint no rednecks. we kick yo ass in texas. ever heard the frase "dont mess with Texas" thats cuz we tough in texas. im from dallas and dats the place to be cuz thas where all the shit goes down. Texas is by far the best state n the us.
Texas is by far the best state ever.
by jr January 06, 2005
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A whole lot of nothing.

In some places:
A bunch of blowhard, racist, sexist, homophobic cowboys who love to fuck each other almost as much as they like to fuck their cattle, and sisters. "Brokeback Texas" is more like it.

In other places:
Full of black gangsters who are just angry because mexicans are taking over and kicking the fuck out of them.

Full of lard assed fat animals who would make the phantom of the opera cringe in disgust
Black Texan: Don't mess with me, i'm from Texas! (Pulls out a knife)
Mexican: Shut up, negrito! (Pulls out an AK-47)

White Texan: Golly gee, billy bob! Can I go out wit yer sister?
Billy bob: Sorry, I got her pregnant, she has to stay indoors.
by Coolon July 05, 2006
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A very large state, indeed.
-Ask any child under eight there to draw the world and you will see them carefully outline the shape of texas.
-Home to the #1 and #2 most overweight cities in America, statistically of course. sounds good.
-In 2004, half of all death penalties in the U.S were sentenced in Texas. Are texas criminals somehow worse than that of all other U.S. states
-Just because the people of Texas are mainly responsible for George Bush's rise to the presidency, doesn't mean they are all like he is. However, Texas is a portion of the "Bible Belt" and is therefore overwhelmed by very conservative, religious, ignorant and change-averse people.
-Minorities, Liberals, and above all, Homosexuals beware of Texas.
-The majority of ALL U.S. hate-crimes are committed here.
-This does not apply to every person in Texas. However, take a moment and check out the posts made by its very own residents. I'd say it's applicable to most of them, as well as many people you meet from Texas.
-Texas truly deserves to be it's own country.
-Wait for the ignorant, poor-grammar, homophobic, lengthy, vulgar responses to this post-variations of the word "FAGGOT" are likely to be used. Watch how quickly and blindly these people stand up and fight for a their home state, with no factual evidence or support. Soon, some will recognize the validity of this definition.
by anita45 April 16, 2006
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The land of conservatives, cowboys, drunkards, fat dudes, and stupid people riding on cows.
Man 1:George Bush was one of the worst presidents.

Man 2: Well no kidding, he was governer of Texas
by 121234169165 March 04, 2012
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1. The worst fucking state of the entire union. America needs Texas like humanity needs another Nickelback album. This is a state so backwards, that George W. Bush is still popular there--Texas still thinks he shits gold and pisses crude oil. If Texas is really going to secede the states as Govenor Rick Perry says, LET THEM! America will let them dwell in their abundance of teen pregnancies for a year until they are a third-world country, then we will come in, knock down all their shitty little buildings, enslave them and make them a servent class, (seeing how Texans aren't really people) and lastly, sell Texas back to Mexico making a satisfying profit

2. A cesspool of crazy fucks who still like George W. Bush and think it is alright to have sex with their brothers and sisters.
*School spelling bee*

Teacher: "Could you spell the world Texas?"
Student: "Could you give me a definition?"
Teacher: "Texas: a state that just sucks dick."
Student: "T-E-X-A-S, Texas!"
by Proudly American July 14, 2009
118 124
another way of saying ass backwards, retarded, inane, or stupid, especially when the behavior is agressively so, and especially when it is very publicly displayed and misrepresents a large group of people.
employee #1: OMG, did you hear about Jane at the press conference?
employee #2: No, why, what happened?
employee #1: She totally got all wasted and puked on the reporters and then started blaming them for it while stumbling around with her foot stuck in a bucket.
employee #2: (cringing) Holy shit that's so texas.
employee #1: (shaking head slowly) I know.
by 'rillo July 12, 2007
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Texas A place that we are all very jealous of and wished we lived in.

A place with suburbs filled with houses that look exactly the same as far as the eye can see.

Where the people are all thirty-two stone and there are no sidewalks, because nobody walks anymore.
Fat Texan grunts at six in the morning as his daily heart attack wakes him up.

He goes down to the kitchen, devoures eighteen slices of bacon, four eggs, thirty-seven pancakes and a liter of Dr. Pepper.

He then puts on his cowboy hat and his boots, puts on his belt with the obnoxious belt buckle that is shaped like Texas and puts his gun in the holster.

He then walks out the door, determined to make it to the bottom of the driveway to retrieve the mail...walking...walking...

halfway down the Texan fails as usual and collapses into a grunting heaving heap.....

Don't mess with Texas.
by ProudNortherner October 05, 2009
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