All them mofuckers say that texas is redneck and shit... fuck yall, yall dont no wat texas is like.we dont run round in dem cowboy boots. if u want rednecks go to louisiana or somewhere else cuz we aint no rednecks. we kick yo ass in texas. ever heard the frase "dont mess with Texas" thats cuz we tough in texas. im from dallas and dats the place to be cuz thas where all the shit goes down. Texas is by far the best state n the us.
Texas is by far the best state ever.
by jr January 06, 2005
Texas, everything is big in Texas.
Spongebob: *turns into Texas* "Hey Patrick, guess what I am?"
Patrick: "Stupid?"
Spongebob: "No, Texas!"
Patrick: "What's the difference?"
by thatoneguy442 February 05, 2014
Used in place of "texts" by urban youth.
Yea fo sho, I'll let you know as soon as she Texas me back.
by gxdia October 06, 2010
An excellent state, with intellegent people and many ways to enjoy. However a favorite target for pussies who either live here and dont like it, or have preconceived stereotypes to write little bullshit definitions on how texas is full of dumb fat hicks because they are just cowards who are not satisfied with themselves and have no balls.
If you hate texas, than keep it to your fucking self.
by The magic June 22, 2007
The Worst state in america home to fat ass redneck fucks who marry their sisters.
"oh your racist you must be from texas"
"your darn tootin"
by applecider6693333333333333333 February 20, 2015
-A very large state, indeed.
-Ask any child under eight there to draw the world and you will see them carefully outline the shape of texas.
Contains the #1 and #2 most overweight cities in America, statistically ofcourse. sounds good.
-In 2004, half of all death penalties in the U.S took place in Texas.
-Just because the people of Texas are mainly responsible for George Bush's rise to the presidency, doesn't mean they are all like he is. However, Texas is a portion of the "Bible Belt" and is therefore overwhelmed by very conservative, religious, ignorant and change-averse people.
-Minorities, Liberals, and above all, Homosexuals beware of Texas.
-The majority of ALL U.S. hate-crimes are committed here.
-This does not apply to every person in Texas. However, take amoment and check out the posts made by its very own residents. I'd say it's applicable to most of them, as well as many people you meet from Texas.
-Texas truly deserves to be it's own country.
-Wait for the ignorant, bad-grammar, homophobic, lengthy, vulgar responses to this post-variations of the word "FAGGOT" are likely to be used. Watch how quickly and blindly these people stand up and fight for a their home state, with no factual evidence or support. Soon, some will recognize the validity of this definition.
by Dan Gleasac February 03, 2006
A Southern US state that only steers and queers come from.
Sgt. Hartman: Holy dogshit, Texas, only steers and queers come from Texas private Cowboy!
by Francis Urquhart June 05, 2013

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