Hahahaha yo it's hilarious how "ya'll" Texans think bigger is so much better, the only thing bigger in Texas is your women, nipples, and percentage of unemployment. Please, just please try and find me one person who really WANTS to move to Texas and for what reason, so they have an excuse to have sex with their realli hot Aunt Josephine? I just wish everyone in the world could just go into Texas and beat the shit out of every sister fucking redneck in the massive dump they call a state. I use to live in Texas but then got the fuck out and moved north to New York so my balls would stop sticking together. It's unbelieveable how I lived in that piece of shit for 16 years, thank God I'm out and I thank all you "H-Town" home boys for your ghetto inspiring rap sounds you like to call "songs". Also, thanks a whole fucking lot for giving us this piece of shit president that REALLY has no clue what the fuck he's doing. Stop getting mad and all self defensive because you don't like people making fun of you, get the hell out and people will respect you. If anyone of you can find a way out of that shit hole, go for it and realize what all those cow boy hats and boots do to you.
1st dude- yo I'm from Texas

2nd dude- yo your a fat fuck

1st dude- nah i snuck in from mexico, i'm not really fat i'm just trying to blend it with the crowd

2nd dude- well that fat suit is awesome, you look just like everyone else here
by xy xy xy xy xy July 27, 2006
Texas, everything is big in Texas.
Spongebob: *turns into Texas* "Hey Patrick, guess what I am?"
Patrick: "Stupid?"
Spongebob: "No, Texas!"
Patrick: "What's the difference?"
by thatoneguy442 February 05, 2014
Used in place of "texts" by urban youth.
Yea fo sho, I'll let you know as soon as she Texas me back.
by gxdia October 06, 2010
An excellent state, with intellegent people and many ways to enjoy. However a favorite target for pussies who either live here and dont like it, or have preconceived stereotypes to write little bullshit definitions on how texas is full of dumb fat hicks because they are just cowards who are not satisfied with themselves and have no balls.
If you hate texas, than keep it to your fucking self.
by The magic June 22, 2007
The act of performing sexual acts with a family member. Also known as incest.
Man, I heard he just texas'ed his mom.
by AMondaySteve November 03, 2015
The only state where its entire population is perfectly content having its head up its own ass. They love the feeling of having their own shit run through their ears.
I'm from Texas and I love dick
by Daddygravyboat August 30, 2015
The Worst state in america home to fat ass redneck fucks who marry their sisters.
"oh your racist you must be from texas"
"your darn tootin"
by applecider6693333333333333333 February 20, 2015
-A very large state, indeed.
-Ask any child under eight there to draw the world and you will see them carefully outline the shape of texas.
Contains the #1 and #2 most overweight cities in America, statistically ofcourse. sounds good.
-In 2004, half of all death penalties in the U.S took place in Texas.
-Just because the people of Texas are mainly responsible for George Bush's rise to the presidency, doesn't mean they are all like he is. However, Texas is a portion of the "Bible Belt" and is therefore overwhelmed by very conservative, religious, ignorant and change-averse people.
-Minorities, Liberals, and above all, Homosexuals beware of Texas.
-The majority of ALL U.S. hate-crimes are committed here.
-This does not apply to every person in Texas. However, take amoment and check out the posts made by its very own residents. I'd say it's applicable to most of them, as well as many people you meet from Texas.
-Texas truly deserves to be it's own country.
-Wait for the ignorant, bad-grammar, homophobic, lengthy, vulgar responses to this post-variations of the word "FAGGOT" are likely to be used. Watch how quickly and blindly these people stand up and fight for a their home state, with no factual evidence or support. Soon, some will recognize the validity of this definition.
by Dan Gleasac February 03, 2006

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