The only state in the US with a defensive slogan, nessesary because of the constant teasing by other states.
Any Northern State: "Hey, Texas, go back to your trailer and brush your tooth. Your breath smells like squirrel."

Texas: "Hey, don't mess with Texas!"
by SG7509 December 31, 2005
I was born and raised in Houston.
So lets tell the truth.
-The weather in Texas changes very rapidly, and we get a bit of everything, except snow. That doesn't come around very often.
-We don't get married to our sisters or even distant cousins. A shock. I know. If you want to see some of that go to Oklahoma.
-Not everyone here talks with a distinct country accent.
You have to go to the smaller towns for that. Lufkin, Etoile, Waco, etc. It all depends on what area of Texas you were born in. People move here from New York and California all the time, and we don't sound any diffrent.
Our slang is the only true thing that seperates us.
-Yes, we have racism here. Just like any other state, but it's not as bad as people make it sound. The Africans, Mexicans, and Orientals, etc. out number us by more the 50%.
-Taking hits to our pride by informing us we cuss to much (yes, 'cuss') is low. We cuss just as much as anyone in California, or Florida would.
-No one walks around here in in full cowboy uniform. So if you think we do, maybe you should visit before opening your mouth.
Of course you are going to think the place you live is better than Texas. What kind of dumbfuck wouldn't stick up for there state, and if you wouldn't. Why the hell do you still live there?
by bri go rawr May 18, 2006
A state in the southern USA. Its in the south. There are billboards about Jesus. One can buy waffles there.
Look! a billboard about Jesus and waffles!
by John Smith April 03, 2004
The best damn state in the country! That's all you need to know.
Texas is better than your state.
by KY February 14, 2005
The only state with 22 pages of people arguing about how to define it on Urban Dictionary.
See bottom of page for number of pages on Texas definitions.
by Nacogdochian August 03, 2011
Texas - cause even God needs a place to relax
Maybe you can catch the big guy and his Son at Six Flags or Fiesta Texas enjoying some quality time together.
A state that some claim that people sleep with thier sisters, when in actuality it is one of the most populist states and is far more modern than most other states.Home to the big D, H town, and the alamo,
eat shit northerners
by Nathan leonard January 18, 2005
the 2nd biggest state in the USA in the south. alot of things in TX are bigger. or at least ppl say they are. this state has long droughts. aka the lone star state due to the one star on its state flag. the ONLY state to have 6 flags flown over it. thats why they made a whole amusement park called 6 Flags Over Texas.
'bigger in Tx, better in a dodge!'

see? even dodge admits that things in TX are bigger!
by freckleschic09 June 25, 2005
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