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One of the best spirit groups at the University of Texas. They are made up of some of the hottest girls on campus, and are very active in the Austin community.
girl 1: I rushed sorority!

girl 2: I joined the Texas Sweethearts

attractive girl 3: I'm a part of something even better: the Texas Wrangler Darlins!
by FelicitieAnderson December 07, 2010
WOW! This girl has a 4.0 GPA, hundreds of service hours, is absolutely gorgeous, has guys falling all over her, is surrounded by an entourage 24/7, is at every Longhorn game, AND can drink you under the table?!! She MUST be a Texas Wrangler Darlin'
by KelseyJames1990 December 10, 2010
A member of the UT spirit organization called the Texas Wrangler Darlings. These girls are distinguishable from other spirit groups by both their homeliness and slutty nature.
Male: I am a Texas Wrangler and even I would never date a Texas Wrangler Darlin'.
by texasfight1212 December 30, 2011
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