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The back and forth twisting motion of the hands by a female while performing oral sex on a male. The hands twist left and right while stroking up and down the shaft simultaneously.
My girlfriend was blowing me last night, but she went all texas twister on my junk.
#blowjob #bj #handjob #oral #fellatio
by Johnny Hannasticks May 07, 2010
When you cross your pointer and middle finger and cross your pinky and forefinger and insert one set in to the ass and one into the vagina.
Babe I'm gona give you the texas twister.
#the shocker #vagina #ass #finger #fnigering
by Silvershank February 26, 2007
The act of grabbing a penis and twisting as hard as you can. The equivalent of a titty twister on the penis.
I got really pissed off at him so I gave him a Texas Twister.
#texas #twister #penis #twisting #titty
by awagg July 11, 2011
An advanced sex move where the female beinds backward into a bridge. The male then proceeds to get on top, instert his penis and spin himself as if on an office chair.
"Hey gurl! My boyfriend Yost gave me quite the 'Texas Twister' last night.
by Andrew Yost August 09, 2005
its when u say fuck to a girl and spin her around 5 time, then u take ur dick and slap her in the face with it
after jim fished fucking jill in the ass he proceeded to say, "fuck u" to her, and then spun her around 5 times. After the spin was compleated he took his dick in his hand and slapped her in the face with it
by jim November 24, 2003
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