When a big fat man takes a shit on a woman's face and steps on it, and shouts TEXAS TOAST!
Tim Texas Toast my face the other day.
by MayoSalPhil September 08, 2009
Top Definition
A person subjected to execution by use of the electric chair.
The next guy in line on Death Row is soon to be Texas Toast.

Guy 1: "Did you hear about that murderer?"

Guy 2: "Yeah, convicted. He's Texas Toast now!"
by dexi March 01, 2010
when a bunch of guys bust on a piece of toast and who ever has the smallest load has to eat the toast
we played texas toast last night it sucked
by stephen November 08, 2004
When you make your girlfriend breakfast in bed, but instead of buttering the toast you spread a healthy layer of jizzum on it.
My girlfriend made me watch a crappy chickflick last night, so this morning I made her Texas Toast.
by ElRae August 14, 2011
When you eat a girls asshole out while she is on her period.
Hey girl you want some texas toast?
by toastmaster2 October 23, 2006
ok ok ok..first of all..that definition is totally false.......lets take a trip shall we? way back..think back to the old days of america...texas toast.......(n)...is when you take a black person......rape him.....and then hang him...and then you bust in his face...that...my friends..is texas toast...thank you for your time.
" Aww man last night i totally texas toasted Jamal. Looks like he wont be in school today!!!"
by Shawn April 05, 2005
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