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When you have your pants on and pull your sack out over top of your belt like a belt buckle.
Man my nuts are hot, I think I need a Texas Belt Buckle
by Randy July 29, 2004
When a guy pulls his nut sack over the belt line of his pants, making the apperance of a large belt buckle
Swigart chicks don't dig your Texas Belt Buckle
by Anonymous February 16, 2003
when your nutsac is hanging out of the top of your pants.
hey, check out my texas beltbuckle!
by dizdood March 22, 2004
When a man pulls his sack over his belt to make it look like a belt buckle
Ducharme Loves it to teaback my nuts when I do the texas belt buckle
by ducharme is my bitch February 17, 2003
When you pull your nut sack out of your pants and hang them right over the zipper making them look like a cowboy's belt buckle
My pants turned into a sauna so I no other choice than to show that bitch my Texas Belt Buckle
by Dan Combs November 12, 2014
Step 1: Go into concealed room and unzip pants
Step 2: Make sure cock is hanging out of pant zipper
Step 3: Cover cock with shirt, for example: pulling it down over your pants
Step 4: Walk out of concealed room
Step 5: Step up to somebody, and ask them a question.
Step 6: Raise shirt to reveal cock.
Man, wasnt my Texas Beltbuckle fuckin hilarious?
by Shoen October 12, 2003
A texas belt buckle is when you have a boner, and you flip the boner upwards, pinning it between the waistline of your pants and your stomach. This way, the boner is not protruding outward from your pants, which could be potentially embarassing. A very effective method of boner suppression.
As I was walking down the hall and saw a hot babe I got a massive boner, but I quickly rocked a texas belt buckle, so as to hide the boner's evidence.
by joel March 09, 2005

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