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For the more heavy set men, when a woman is giving you a blow job, as you are about to climax, you lift your stomach up and hit her over the head with it, knocking her unconscious.
Wow man, my wife was blowing me last night and I did the Texan finisher on her. Man she was out like a light but now my stomach hurts and I got a bruise the size of her head
by Phat J and Shotoro January 25, 2014
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A good way to get a girl to bite off your dick
planned that I'd do the Texan Finisher to this fat bitch so I dropped my gut on this bitches head before I was about to cum, and in the process of knocking her out, she bit my dick off.

(Because that's what happens when a person gets hit in the head really hard, this is why you are required to wear mouth guards in sports.)
by LostInLimbo December 16, 2014

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