Tewksbury is a gay town in Massachusettes. It is by far one of the poorest towns in MA unless your in North Tewksbury their rich as fuck! when you drive through tewksbury youll probably find like five mcdonalds and like 20 dunkin donuts. were fat so what. people will say they like tewksbury but it is the smallest fucking town in the world. theres nothing to do but play sport; and all the teams in Tewksbury suck. except for hockey last year. they spend their money on stupid shit like a new highschool when theres a bridge that seriously needs to be fixed but they spend all their money on a fucking high school. GAY. PEOPLE are expecting to get ipads and macs when they cant even afford to fix a fucking bridge. tewksbury is filled with pot heads; preps; and just flat out annoying ass people. evryone in tewksbury is a bully. well if you dont get that im trying to say tewksbury sucks then you must be from tewksbury school systems because they suck and people dont learn shit. im from tewksbury so thats why none of this is punctuated right, because i attended tewksbury schools. well in case you didnt know tewksbury is the gayest town in the world. kay bbye.
tewksbury sucks ass

yo tewksbury is dumb.
by osmosa November 22, 2011
A suck ass poor town in Massachusetts. The schools are shit, the teachers aren't certified, and are mostly whores. There are about 3 dunkin donuts on every corner. Half the town is ghetto, if you go near the Lowell border there is a lot of car accidents, gangs, shootings. Also near Walmart is a ghetto. hobos and niggers live on the train tracks, Houses are torn apart, the streets aren't paved, most people are drug addicts, no cops there, and no stores. there is only 2 fires stations in tewksbury which is y there is a fire almost everyday that they cant put out. The cops suck. In north tewksbury it is just a bunch of rich ass white wiggers that live in mansions or condos. In south tewksbury tewksbury kids and wilmington kids have gang wars, and most people down their smoke weed. The sports in tewksbury are horrible. The fields are a piece of shit. If you go on livingston street you will most likely be mugged by a nigger or hobo.
how many market baskets are in tewksbury
by gigitty February 14, 2012
A prettttttty awesome town in MA. We have great people, everyone's friendly and cool. EVERYONE here has a cell, iPod, and computer basically. Teenagers have great style and lives. Parties are common! You will only find a few nerds/losers/geeks/etc. A lot of people are going to end up famous one day. <3
"Have you been to Tewksbury?"
"No, why?"

"I just moved from there. You ahould really go, it's a pretty awesome town <3"
by AwesomePotatoGirliiii December 29, 2011
A crunchy berry flavored cereal that tastes good with milk. see also Tewksbury Crunch.

A place in Massachusetts.
mmmm, breaksfast. Pass me a bowl of that tewksbury crunch and some milk.
by nick May 16, 2005

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