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in Native American (Mohawk) language meaning "the star that brings the night".

a female, ALWAYS The Manimal's sex slave. Ruggedly sexy yet somehow classy. Always puts out for The Manimal (Mike Fowler), yet is just a tease to the rest of the men in the universe. Very witty/clever/smart. Overwhelmingly sexy, when she looks at men they instantly need to change their under garments do to semen over load. If men were to see her naked, they would masterbate so much that the towel jizz rag would turn into a deadly weapon. A towel so stiff not even Chuck Norris himself could break it.
translated in Tagalog "Warrior Poet's soulmate".

Tewasontahawitha makes a player hang up their jersey and always play on her home court.

"Beyonce is fine, but she's no Tewasontahawitha"

Masterbation is not needed. Meditating while thinking of Tewasontahawitha could make a 100 yr old man cum.

Tewasontahawitha is on another level. She is higher than a Giraffes vagina compared to other women.

Porn is not needed. The sight of Tewasontahawitha could have all of civilization involved in a never ending self-diddle session.
She is cooler than a whales dick
#tight pussy #huge perfect titties #vulva of the heavens #labia of the gods #lightning snatch
by The Filipino Tickler July 06, 2011
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