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1: When a man plutonicly loves and respects another male (commonly another friend) and is somewhat of that dominant male's lapdog his master can boss around.

2: When a man is infatuated with another man in a nonhomosexual way and is a synonym of "brotherly love".

3: When either male/female is attracted to or in love with a "manly" man and litteraly worships their testicles.

4: When a man loves another male's sex organs IN a homosexual way.

5: For a male to accuratley measure another man's "Coochie" by just seeing it
Jack: Yo homie jack that fools wallet!

Bill: No way brothah i got me some mean testicular worship for that foo.

Jack: Yo son, you like a brother to me

Bill: diddo foo

Jack: Let's compare penis length in a nonhomosexual manner.

Bill: Alright but let's use a measuring tape intead of our testicular worship skills



Jack: this is some REAL testicular worship


Jack: I am so tottaly in love with your balls bro

Bill: Ugh i'm not in the mood for your testicular worship.


Jack: can you testicularly worship me?

Bill: It looks like a good 5 inches, it would look better in my mouth.
by RAYLOVESYOU19 September 07, 2010
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