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The bestestes most beautifulest wonderfulest girl in the world. her beauty is unmatched by anyone. she shines like a diamond in the sun, she is everything that you will never have, she has the body of a godess and a smile that could kill jews i love her unconditionally with all my heart!!!!!!!!!!
damn i wish i was Tessah!
by Kasey spencer July 28, 2010
A young lady with manners, and respects others. She is beautiful and very funny. Tessah brings a smile to others and always has your back. She is a Christian and has her own style. She is biracial and is very dramatic.
You are such a Tessah today, Beth.
by ilyisim May 20, 2015
Usually a short girl with no ass but big titties and a huge forehead. She is also very goofy and lovable.
Tessah is very funny.
by Tessah May 12, 2016
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