Believed to have been the originator or patriarch of the ideology that one must always remain; languid or lethargic at all costs never to use anymore energy than to breath.
After eating such a large meal, being tessa sounds perfect.
by Nithloc July 10, 2008
a girl who has physical appearances similar to an apple
OMG. Tessa is so fruity looking.
by Clement and Wei December 14, 2007
one who has extremely big feet...usually a girl
look at that girl.. she deffintly has some tessas!
by egomuch May 31, 2007
Usualy an indian who is but ugly,

Yo dude that tessa is a wrongen right there
person 2:- drop kick
by tom manstoop March 24, 2009
Name of a white girl who gets too turnt too quick
Tessa got to turnt and passed out by 11 on homecoming night
by Tmerminod January 26, 2015

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