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Pirates before they were known as originating from the modern Czech Republic. Sailed European waters. Low key.
That Teslik sure knows how to sail.
by Sedrick Van. January 11, 2010
According to Czech legend, Teslik originated from an underwater society called Teslikovia made up of water gods who controlled ocean currents and storm patterns. A fisherman named Corvickezkee came across a Teslikovia goddess, Diviniastrov. She had lost her way during her travel to the northern waters. Her intoxicating beauty and elegance filled the fisherman with uncontrollable greed for more of her kind. Diviniastrov was captured and forced to lead him to the underwater city, where Corvickezkee trapped the small society and brought them to land. Once on land, the underwater god's lost all power and were cursed with becoming mutant. Legend has it, the god's escaped from the greedy fisherman, unable to ever return to their beloved underwater eutopia and were forced to live on land where they learnt to blend in. Today, Teslik's may still be found, spread across the world and existing only in small numbers. Forever a strong family. Forever cursed.
I visited the Teslik's the other day. That family is always so welcoming.
by Dr. BTW December 26, 2009
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