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What might come afTER sex, instead of beFORE. If you didn't get that, It's just like foreplay, foreplay is play beFORE sex, and terplay is play afTER sex. If you didn't get THAT, You have a very low IQ. Anyways, the same actions as foreplay may occur in terplay, but maybe more intimate, because you or the other person may be more turned on then they were before. If you don't know what foreplay is, see foreplay.
-Husband: You know, we should do some terplay sometime.
-Wife: What? What's terplay?
-Husband: Ahh, some term I learned off, it's like foreplay, but it comes afTER sex.
-Wife: What the fuck is
-Husband: That's not the point, we should sometime. I'll show you Urban Dictionary later.
-Wife: Ok, we'll try that sometime.
by No one that matters:) May 18, 2009
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