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The most fun loving, spirited girl in the world. She is down to earth and you can tell her anything and everything and she won't judge. Guys are gaga over her and drool as she walks by. She has a nice ass. She won't take shit from anyone and when they talk bad about her friends, she will set them straight. Intimidating as she is, she is a total teddy bear inside and loves to be affectionate and wry cuddly. Any guy would be lucky to have her in his arms.
Have you met Terin before?

Yeah, she was incredible, and definitly a sight to remember!!
by Coolcat2707 December 14, 2013
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Sexy motorcycle-riding prince charming who shows up in your life unexpectedly in a bar but turns out to be a solid, upstanding Christian gentleman. Cares deeply about his future and the world and works on oul rigs getting ripped while also exercising his brain muscle in the classroom, working on his engineering degree. Is totally down for anything, from typical Starbucks coffee dates to soaking wet impromptu trips to the laundromat. Waits for what is good and makes promises with pearls.
Girl 1: Hey, girl 2, where did you get those pearls?

Girl 2: Oh, Terin just gave them to me as a symbol of his deep and honest, loving and true commitment to what we could be someday if it is in the good Lord's plan for our lives.
by lil' meg June 12, 2011
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