A multi-purpose word invented by people in So-Cal to repay Nor-Cal for Hella. Normal used by Geek and Nerds. This term is originally derieved from its use in describing a specific massive quantity.Tera is 2 to the power of 40. It is a term used to measure size, it is larger than Mega and Giga.

Adjective: To describe a lot of something good or bad in conjustion with the noun.

Noun: A lot of quantity.

Adverb: Suplemental, inferring a veyr large quantity.
Adjective: That chick has teratitties.

Noun: I have a tera.

Adverb: The is fuckin tera better than that hella word.
by Bryan05 September 29, 2005
A female infiltrator of a Men's Rights website, who pretends she is a supporter of Men's Rights issues and refuses to cut the crap when cornered.
We're getting tired of her friggin' TERA-rist tactics on this website!

That post was absolutely TERA-bull! Delete it!

Awww, TERA's playing cyber-slut again!
by L.B. Simon June 28, 2009

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