Tenty is a cross between ten and twenty, made by adding the 'ty' onto the end of the ten. The number tenty equals is fifteen (15).
mY sKiLlZ aRe TeNtY tImEs MoRe AwEsOmE tHaN yOuR sKiLlZ!
by s0XX0R-r0XX0R August 12, 2005
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An awesome way to refer to the decade that started in 2010 and ends in 2019. The one that we're in right now.

However, Damien Fletcher from mirror.co.uk said:

"The tenties have also been suggested but that just goes against the pattern of the decades because the ‘ties’ ending doesn’t start until 2020."

But screw patterns, right? Tenties ROCKS!!!
"I hope there isn't another world war in the tenties, like in the previous century" - your paranoid self
by havet1337 June 07, 2010
The word used to describe a tent shaped bed sheet while created having intercourse with someone of the other sex, or while using your morning wood as a tent pole.
Would you like to play tenties?
by Gordy Harper November 02, 2011
an easy way of saying ten to twenty minutes
Mum:When are you getting off the computer?

Boy:In tenty minutes
by Celina! September 18, 2008
Yeah, first there were the aunties, then the tenties, then the thirties, then the fourties, then the fifties, then the sexties, then the seventies, then the eighties, then the nineties and then the hundreties.
by Hercolena Oliver January 11, 2010

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