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Noun. 1.) a woman whose bodily dimensions are dominated by her humongous tookus; 2.) a dame who is all gams; 3.) any broad possessing an unusual if not downright odd body type whose corpus includes a supersized rumbleseat, which a gone-astray Cub Scout troop could easily wander into and disappear, never to be heard from again in our lifetime.

So called after the mythic Tennessee Toddy, a most unusual creature who was "all ass and no body."
...We went to a place called Everybody’s/
There I met a little chick called the Tennessee Toddy/
The reason she was called the Tennessee Toddy/
Was that she was all legs with a little bitty body,/
But that cat could go, yeah, she was gone, gone, along gone,/
And I’ll tell you all about it in the very next verse of my song.

She was long and lean like a green string bean....

--Marty Robbins, "Tennessee Toddy" (song lyrics)
by Nelly Scratch December 13, 2006
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