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A person who is a god with a sword. In that their speed and skill is that of a god.
Set Soujiro
by Anthony LeBeau March 17, 2004
13 19

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Tenken can be translated into "heavenly sword" as in the skill one has to weild a sword and is not to be confused with Shukuchi.
Soujiro the Tenken(from Rurouni Kenshin)
by Chibi-Tenken/Harusame December 31, 2003
39 8
A gift from the heavens
He is called the Tenken, because his swordsmanship can only be a gift from the heavens.

by Kuruptor October 05, 2003
20 9
Pertaining to swordsmanship, it means that you move with God-like speed.
by Luna August 27, 2003
6 20