a notch. a thick notch. a thick dime piece
look at that tenda. Man she thick. Looking so good!!
by SHAKA OUT THE BAY AREA September 18, 2003
Top Definition
Euphemism for bitch. Started by an unknown African American male referring to an attractive girl. This term should not be used by white males due to its obscurity and black roots. While this word is common in the environment at one school, this word is unknown to those of schools around the area of the origin.
Black kid: "Tenda L! Can you grab me my jacket gurllll?"

"L": "Sure thing :)"

White Friend: "What does tenda mean?"

Black kid: "Don't worry... you ain't black"
by provprobz October 30, 2013
The experience, and feeling at the end (and sometimes if not most of the time, during) a wiffleball game. The experience and feeling can be felt elsewhere also. It's a feeling of accomplishment, enjoyment and pure amazing.
*You run, dive and catch the ball as it was going out, smashing your face into the dirt but still catching the ball for the out*

Teammate: "Are you okay? How do you feel?"

You: "Tenda."
by TendaTitan June 07, 2009
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