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A small creature native to the Asiatic regions. Tencias use their strong cheek muscles to generate massive pressure differentials suitable for felicitating multiple members simultaneously. The Tencia is a parasitic creature, sucking their host dry of their life blood. Utilizing a unique reproduction cycle, Tencias can only breed with Mashi Maro; coitus is best described as deeply traumatizing. They are atrociously ugly; their small squinty face is commonly likened to that of a recently clubbed sea otter. Observers should exercise extreme caution when approaching a Tencia beast, as their sharp incisors can easily decapitate a man (or worse). Tencias are found in their natural habitats, including Asian grocery stores, whore houses, and gang bangs.
"Did you see that Tencia over there?"
"Yea dude, she was trying to suck some guy off in front of the Pocky and noodle isle of Wong Foo’s Happy Asian Grocery Store."
by bahamutzero April 17, 2006
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A woman who is hotter than a 'ten out of ten' rating. A peak rating in hottness..
Man, see that 'Tencia' over there.. She is smokin' hot. Yeah brother, she's a total 'Tencia'.
by BabyJungleMonkey November 16, 2010

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