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The Term "Ten Times Strong" is actually the recomended amount to exceed any chemical dosage or potency of a any product/action that combats gayness ExampleGaygone
Note: If this doesn't work make sure to break your neck before being infected or else you will be executed on site.
Scenario 1: A bunch of dudes at the caff outside eating and some toss pass by.
Guy1:Damn look at them toss.
Guy2:*Nods to them*
Guy3:*Turns around and says* Yessssssss..
They try and go inside but the caff door is stuck. afterwards they leave and go around the back
Guy3:"WHAT THE FUCK? Tha door aint working man.."
Donita rolls up in a muscle shirt and some Leather pants and the door opens automatically, which it is not supposed to do..
The Dudes put on gas masks and whips out cans ofGaygone
Guy3: Yo..i don't know if..
Guy1: Shhhh...*Points at the label*
"Ten Times Strong"
Guy2:"For real, tha door on some LescardVibes..
by elber November 29, 2003
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