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What happens on your favorite internet forum or chat group right about 3pm in the afternoon. All the sudden you notice everyone is gone and you are all alone. Then you realize why. It's time for everyone to spend the last two hours of the workday actually producing something to justify their continued existence as an employee. Occurs for stay at home parents too, it's the point where they realize they better clean the house and throw in a load of close to justify their continued existence as a non-employee.

Adapted for the preteen and teen set: What happens around 10pm when all your friends had to get offline so their parents will think they are actually going to bed and to sleep, resolves in about an hour.
"Holy crap, there were 10 people here a second ago, where'd they all go? Oh, it's 3pm already. Man this day went by fast. I hate temporary online friendlessness. I guess I had better get some work done before I go home."

Jack: I know what you mean.
Angelica: I
Jack: What?
Jack: Where'd you go?
Jack: Oh, it's 10pm, I'm going to get something and be right back, come back when your parents think you are in bed.
Jack: I am not deterred by temporary online friendlessness.
by Harmony08 December 07, 2010
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