It's not the Harvard of Philly, it's the Princeton on Broad Street. Or at least that President Adamany's dream.
Temple University is located in Majestic North Philadelphia.
by .... ... May 28, 2005
Top Definition
Temple University is the Harvard of Philadelphia. Not really, but the students could kick any Harvard boy's ass because Main Campus is in the ghetto. Don't bother going to the Center City campus unless you want to get mugged, Ambler Campus is a joke, and Tyler is the art school...with artsy people. Definitely the best university ever. Temple is better than Drexel, UPenn, and St. Joe's combined. Seriously.
I'll kick your ass, I'm from Temple!
by Temple Bitch. November 10, 2004
The best university in Phiadelphia. Anybody who thinks that the football team is bad, is right, but, because Temple is in the hood, means that the basketball team reps it every year, too bad they do not have the funds to get the players that will bring the to a national championship. If Temple was not a poor school, they would win every year. Try and beat any North Philly team, you will die.
I am so gald I went to Temple University, now I can kick your ass.
by MCLEMENTS63 April 24, 2009
a good school surrounded by a terrible ghetto in north philly, known for its horrible football team and cramped basement parties. go owls.
she was going to go to temple university but during her tour she was mugged by 3 bums wearing old 8 ball jackets.
by temple kid. December 05, 2009
temple is the best school in philly. and it is also represented in the "Boys II Men" Music video for mowtown philly with a flag rested upon a chair. go look.
boys II men totally reppin temple university
by eoihrur438ir23oir24ro243r April 03, 2011
home of rizzos and wanna be black kids, that were glasses all day long and work at burger king on the weekends
I go to the temple university and act like im a boss
by huskyspartan24 September 23, 2011
A good school in Philly with a PISS HORRIBLE football team. I love watching the Temple Owls lose football games
"I went to Temple University"

"Can you believe it folks? Duke has just beaten Temple by a score of 68 to 0!"
by Number 37 October 29, 2006
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