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Sex organ of a Telugu male.

On account of their Negroid-Australoid descent, macrophallism is pronounced among Dravidoid Telugus.
Ethnographic & clinical measurements consistently confirm that the Telugu Penis, along with other variants of the Dravidian Penis, dwarfs the Indo-Aryan Penis & exceeds even the Nigerian Penis:

Ethnicity __ Group ___ L cm (in) __ Ref
Dravidian .. Shudra .. 24.13 (9.50) a
Dravidian .. Telugu .. 14.00 (5.51) b
Dravidian .. Malabari. 13.01 (5.12) c
Sudanoid ... Nigerian. 12.30 (4.84) d
Iranian .... Persian . 11.58 (4.56) e
Indo-Aryan . Hindi ... 11.49 (4.52) f
C European . Alpine .. 10.83 (4.26) g

a A Edwardes 'The Jewel in the Lotus' NY: Julian Press, 1959: 60
b S Krishnamurti. 'Multi-Ethnic Indian Penis Size Study' in: '11th Biennial Meetg of the Asia Pac Soc for Sexual Med
Oct 6-10, 2007, Jeju, Korea' J Sexual Med v5 sup5 (Dec 2008) 197-258.
c K Promodu et al 'Penile l. & circ.: an Indian study' Int J Impot Res 19.6 (2007): 558-563
d ML Ajmani et al 'Anthropometric study of male ext. genitalia of 320 healthy Nigerians' Anthro Anzeiger 43.2
(1985): 179-186
e D Mehraban et al 'Penile size & somatometric param.s am.g Iranian normal adult men' Int J Impot Res 19.3 (May-Jun 2007): 303-9
f BD Chaurasia & TB Singh 'Anthro. data of male ext. genitals in C. Ind. healthy adults' Anth Anzgr 34/3-4 (1974): 210-215
g LG Farkas 'Basic morpho. data of ext. genitals in 177 healthy c. Euro. men' Amer J Phys Anthro 34 (1976): 325-328
1) Amir: My Bibi (wife) loves Big Black Telugu Penis!

2) Telugu Penis Size is provided in a study of mainly S Indian men by the Andromeda Andrology Centre in

"Introduction: ... Ethnicity & race are known to be factors in penis size. This study sets out to lay down averages
for the Indian sub-continent.

Materials & Methods: 200 Indian males are included in this 5-year study. Patients with recent onset, mild to moderate erectile dysfunction, & without any lesions in the penis or vicinity, were included. The group was further divided into 10 regional-ethnic-linguistic sub-groups of 20 each. There was a random mix of inbred (more) & hybrid (less). Since flaccid penis size can vary considerably because of ambient & patient factors (esp. anxiety), only erect penis size was studied. Only those who developed a full, non-buckling rigidity with intra-cavernosal injection, were included. Patients with significant obesity were excluded. Measurement of the penis was made with a metal scale
placed on the dorsum of the penis, & pushed up to the pubic bone.

Results: The average erect penile length obtained was 14.0 cm & circ. was 12.3 cm.

Discussion: Apart from concerns of self-image, self-esteem, partner validation & sexual satisfaction, penis size has now also become an important factor in condom size. It is now known that one condom size does not fit all & that different sizes are probably required for different population groups."
(Sudhakar Krishnamurti, op cit)
by Moollah_Do_Pyaza November 13, 2011
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