a prefix that can and should be used for every sentence possible, even when not grammatically correct.
A: Tell me why this movie sucks.
B: Tell me why the popcorn is amazing though.
C: Yeah, tell me why that.
by bradley jenkins October 07, 2009
Top Definition
Meant to emphasize how ridiculous a certain situation is. Put in front of a statement. It is never taken as a question, therefore, is never answered.
"Tell me why it was sunny this morning and now it's raining."

"Tell me why there's a hole in my rudepants."
by Carbutt March 27, 2007
When you are about to slug someone you will begin with this phrase
Bham: Tell me why Rosie O'Donnell should sponsor Oreo's. Phil: Tell me why you thinkin bout'er
by Bham936 December 27, 2010
an overused phrase made up by three UC merced stooges. Often used to exaggerate the importance of what they are about to say.
tell me why, the other day i tried so hard to impress shealtiel, but for some reason he still didn't payed me any attention. i felt really stupid afterwards.
by whatsgood241 March 13, 2007
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