Short for teknival. A large party/rave, often illegal (though not necessarily), where techno (tekno) is played through large speaker systems (rigs) by DJs.
The tek got busted last weekend.
by tekhead July 06, 2005
Top Definition
From Technique. Relates to any combination of actions or sufficiently adept single action that results in a favourable outcome for the person performing said Tek.
I thought you were in trouble, but that tek saved you
by Errant July 23, 2004
Tek-9, a machine pistol similar to a Mac-10 or an Uzi. See also gat.
I heard you rappin bout ya tek on ya dresser (Jay-Z).
by eminem November 06, 2003
verb - to take
tek off dem choopid glasses. u look like an eediot
by real-i-o August 08, 2003
An deviant of "tech".
73k 15 t3h ub3r l33t ph47n355.
by Cardplayer July 31, 2004
Shortened for Technique. Used in cases when a person or entity has displayed an action of skill or no skill at all.
Boy: Did you just see that? That man just dropped on the floor!

Boy 2: Urgh, No Teks!
by SpartanMandem January 24, 2013
TEKS is the most polite way of insulting a female person.

It spells the word 'SKET' backwards and is used as a polite backhanded insult!
Guy: 'i like what you've done with your hair TEKS'

Girl: 'whats a teks?'

Guy: 'its a book, a text book' (cover up the insult)
by u_r_sad_dot_com June 14, 2011
is from tectonical. This stands from two words, tec and tonical(movement). Tec became tek, which means a layer or a vinyl.
Can't continue the show,'cause running out of teks.
by Dj C May 27, 2006
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