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super badass, sex kitten, extremly kinky, LEGIT FOOL, sexy ass body, huge boobed, orgasmic, a big bitch but you love her anyways, blonde hair blue eyes
sexy german
all the the kushner bitches wish they were her
only cool people understand what the fuck shes talking about
dumb blonde who makes the world go round

by nikksttaa February 04, 2009
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Sexiest girl ever. Her beauty is indescribable, and she always centre of attention at every event. Beautiful dexy long legs, banging body, long hair, full lips and a stare that seduces you. She can dance really well and sometimes its seductive. Outfit and style always on the top of everyone. She has such a contagious personality. Fun and wild you will want her around for every moment. And she is the best gf to ever have! Sexy yet classy and extrly fun and smart.
Guy 1: Bro do you know who that sexy chic is in the tight mini dress?
Guy 2: Oh that's a Tehillah? bro don't bother everybody's got their bet's on her. Youve got no chance bro.
Guy 1: dang. I'd love to get to know her and fuck her sexy kitty every night
by Moreis Brandao May 24, 2017
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