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"Teh drama"

Refers to any instance in a narrative where a dramatic event is forcefully inserted into the plot as a poor attempt to "shock" the audience or "jerk tears."

The event is often times so contrived and ridiculous that it will cause knee-jerk eye rolls and scoffs in audience members who aren't drooling fanboys or girls.

It is a tactic that is primarily seen in the web comic world.
Heather: Thank goodness we got you to the hospital after you were electrocuted by a high power line.

Marilyn: Thank you Heather. But...there's something you need to know.

Heather: What is it?

Marilyn: Before I die of...Lou Gehrig's disease...I have a confession.

Heather: Go on.

Marilyn: I'm a lesbian and I fell in love with you the first time I laid eyes on you. *Tearful blush* ---Actual example from the Spinnerette webcomic

by davidson January 12, 2012
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