Tega is a gorgeous name, and the name matches the girl. To easily be picked out in a crowd for their pale brown skin, black long hair and deep brown eyes.Tega's are fiery lovers and hate being played or dated as a dare. Tega's are great friends but piss them off and they will stab your back so the knife comes out your chest. They are best paired with Michaels and Austins, but can be with anyone and still be happy. They love to be in charge but the bed is not one of them, they prefer men to do the hard word when it comes to under the sheets.They have rocking bodies and minds but doubt the both calling themselves dumb and ugly . If you have a girl like Tega its best to stick with her because even though you might hate her she will never forget you.
I had a date with Tega last night it was amazing.
by sweetiepie4456 December 10, 2013
1. Amazeing; to be amazing or awesome

2. Extremely lame or boring
That test was so Tega

That girl was so Tega
by sweetiepie4456 November 29, 2013
lame, extremely un'cool'
Geez, that skirt she wore today was so tega and she is just extremely tega anyways.
by coypunk March 02, 2005
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