Teenagers aren't all weed smokers and gangbangers. And for the ones who are thats because the STUPID adult they are living with don't have a cluse and obviously can't raise a child. teenagers are going through the most important period in a persons life. During this Time period you find out who you are and what you can do. You start a real relationship, you get your heart broken and you prepare for the rest of your life...Something most adults haven't thought about yet bacause they too busy getting drunk on their mothers couch to think about any thing else
Adult one: You ain't no good you are just like your father.
Teenager 1: You made me like my father but its best I'm not like you
Adult one: How about you go live with him
Teenager 1: If you had asked him his name I probably could

Adults make their problems out of ours!!!!Thats why we rebell!!!
by lovelytie November 25, 2007
Being a teenager is the first time you encounter love, temptation, hate, stupidity, and your principles. There are stupid people, foolish people, smart people, cool people, whatever else you can think of. It is a time in your life where it's like a blindfold is taken off of you and you see the world as it is. You know what is out there and you have adult privelleges, but you are free of nagging adult responsibilities. Enjoy it my friends. Enjoy it before you become part of a soceity that makes you a drone.
Being a teenager is a chaotic and incredulous time but it can be great.
by virginslims May 27, 2011
An emotionally under-developed, materialistic, thinks-he-knows-it-all child between the ages of 12-20 who pushes his parents' sanity to the limit.
I used to think that God would not send one more than he could handle - and then I met a teenager.
by Loxi July 20, 2009
A human like creatures, that causes mischief.
The groups of teenagers, tagged the building. Said the police officer.
by mujahidul May 24, 2008
A child between the age of 12 and 18. When a teenager becomes an adult, they become mature...no the other way around! Abbreviated to teen!
The teenager foolishly went along at the children's immature plans. What teens aren't supposed to be.

The teenager intelligently guided the children into the right path. What teens are supposed to be.
by Augusta Freelance August 19, 2013
The center of the known universe.
Teenager: Mother dear, may I take the car for the day?
Mother: No, daughter dear, you can't. I need it to pick up your sister.
by Firebird23 June 05, 2013
Someone who's well-prepared for a zombie apocalypse but not ready for tomorrow's math test
The teenager didn't study for any exam; but he had supplies for chaos.
by Toasty Toast Toasted March 24, 2015

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