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A person (specifically Black, but can be Hispanic, or Asian) that knows martial arts of some kind and is between the ages of 13-19. He also has to be someone who usually is: clever, quick,(not literately a "Mutant")has done some "off-tha-wall" shit, somewhat secretive, chills in dark urban areas,(such as a back alley or in the depths of the ghetto) and basically, a bad ass, yet a cool enough person to hang with.
That dude just drop-kicked that cop in tha faze while taking the gun from hiz holster, turned and elbowed one cop that ran up, THEN ducked-n-rolled under tha last cop's leg, shot him and FRONT FLIPPED over tha squad car and dashed 2 his hideout with tha money!
---That's ninja nigga shit!---
by Tha Armada September 30, 2003
1) Carlo

2) A really hyper active Asian who jumps off walls, eats rice, goes crazy, practices ninjitsu, listens to rap music, or is the Shiznit.
That Teenage Mutatant Ninja Nigga ate my rice bowl!!
by Raven April 05, 2004
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