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A modern teenager who claims to not believe in God. Most of these teens don't have faith because

1). They spend too much time on the internet, (Tumblr), where people force their opinions on you, so in the end they get sucked into believing something because "It's cool, man."
2). They never get what they want, i.e. lots of friend and beauty, so they blame God.
3). They refuse to have even the slightest bit of faith because movies and media nowadays make it hard to believe anything.

Teenage Atheists also tend to be huge feminists. Can't find another hobby? Why not bitch about women's rights for no apparent reason?

And lastly, Teenage Atheists are also liberals. Again with the internet pushing opinions on you, they surround themselves with pro-abortion, pro-feminism, pro-marijuana, pro-atheist atmospheres.
Woman #1: Geez, nobody has faith anymore. Especially these fucking soft grunge teens.

Woman #2: The term you are referring to is Teenage Atheist, Carol.

Woman #1: Well, I guess God isn't in style anymore.
by Honest-Truther June 14, 2013
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